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Garden of the Gods

We published a new post from our visit to the Castlewood Canyon State Park. Go to our Take a Walk blog to check it out.

Look for upcoming posts in the Civilization blog.

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Current Projects

Currently we have two projects going on, a hiking blog called "Take a Walk" and a social commentary blog called "Civilization, Whither art Thou?"

Take a Walk

This blog is written and managed by Thomas and Allyson Checkley and documents hikes mostly in the Denver and Boulder, Colorado, area. In the posts detailed information can be found documenting what wildlife, plant life, and scenery is encountered on their hikes.

Civilization, Wither art Thou?

A blog which attempts to analyze pop culture, media, and society critically. Written and maintained by Thomas Checkley the posts vary from music to world news and try to bring into the conversation deeper rooted problems and possible solutions. Links are provided in all posts to relevant news articles, definitions, and videos.